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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I paying for?

In addition to the various features and capabilities you'll get from subscribing, you are also supporting an independent developer and entrepreneur. Your support enables me to make GraphJSON better without the complicated incentive structures that arise from raising money from investors.

How is event pricing calculated?

Every 15 minutes we calculate a "watermark" by looking at the total number of stored events at that point in time. This is the same number that shows up under your "all_events" collection. Deleted events are not counted. At the end of the month we look at the highest watermark over the past month and that's the number of events we use for billing.

Do you charge based on reads?

Not at the moment. We operate similar to your cellular service. As long as you are sending a "normal" level of read queries proportional to your events logged, you'll have no problems. However, if you maintain an elevated rate of read queries, we may throttle your queries. If you expect to have a consistently disproportional rate of reads, please contact us for special capacity arragements.

Note that embedded graphs by default are cached with a TTL (time to live) of 15 minutes so you can have millions of views on an embedded graph with no problem. You'll only run into throttling if you have a high rate of unique queries.

What if I go over the free tier during my trial period?

The free trial takes priority and you'll be able to continue using the service. However, you will be prompted to upgrade after the trial if you have exceeded the free tier usage limits.

What happens if I go over the free tier usage limits?

We will show you a modal prompting you to upgrade when using the product, but all logging, embeds, and API calls will continue to work. We do, however, reserve the right to start restricting access if you continue to use more than the free tier without upgrading for an extended period of time.

Can I set retention policies to only store data for some period of time?

Yes! We allow you to set collection level retention policies. This helps you control costs and also adhere to local data retention regulations. Whether you want to keep data for 3 days, 90 days, or forever, GraphJSON can be customized accordingly.

Do I own my data?

Yes all of your data will never be shared with or sold to a third party. At any point in time, you can delete or migrate all of your data to another service, no questions asked.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

You have multiple options:

  1. You can email us at
  2. You can click on the crisp chat button on the bottom right of this page
  3. You can tweet or DM us on twitter @GraphJSON