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Step 1: Log events using REST API
import requests import json import os import time payload = { "api_key": os.environ['GRAPHJSON_API_KEY'], "timestamp": int(time.time()), "json": json.dumps({ "Event": "Uber Ride", "Price": 9.99, "Driver_Rating": 5, "Driver_ID": "123", "Day_Of_Week": "Saturday", }), } r ="", json=payload)
Step 2: Use editor to create graphs
Step 3: Embed graphs in your project
Try it out yourself
<iframe src="" style="padding: 15px; height:300px; width:80%; border: 1px solid #9CA3AF" />
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I love how easy it was to get up and running. Send some data points, get code to embed a live graph on your site.
Jason Bosco, Typesense
GraphJSON is the easiest way to create beautiful graphs & embed them on your product. It takes literally a single line of code to log the events and you can customize the graph's appearance in seconds on your dashboard. Using it for a custom dashboard for my open startup stats.
Jim Raptis, Magic Pattern
With just a couple lines of code, GraphJSON helped us add new features to our reporting dashboard. The logging API is simple and intuitive. I can’t recommend this product enough for SaaS companies.
Marcus Gallegos, Inhouse Orders
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