All in one analytics platform

Running a business is hard enough. We built GraphJSON to enable you to better understand your business without having to spend months building your own data infrastructure.

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All in one analytics solution
Easy to use visualization tool
Use our point and click visualization tool to quickly explore your data. We support all sorts of different visualizations - lines, pie charts, tables, etc.
Powerful SQL notebooks
Complex joins? Window functions? No problem. We expose a full featured SQL notebook so you can slice and dice your data as you wish. We also expose a visualizaiton suite so you can visualize the results of your SQL queries!
Alerts, dashboards and more
Whether you want to set alerts on key KPIs, share retention dashboards with your investors, or simply see how your business is doing, we've got you covered. We built a whole suite of tooling so you only need one data tool - GraphJSON.
Transparent & Trustworthy Pricing
Unlike our competitors who don't have the courage to display their prices on their pricing page, we lead with transparent prices and have no nefarious plans to charge you an arm and a leg as you scale.
Features for all organizations
Blazing Fast
We built best in class data infrastructure so you don't have to. Easily run analysis over billions of rows in under a second.
Utilize our comprehensive alerting solutions to know how and when your data changes unexpectedly. We support complex alerts including dynamic window sizes and aggregation types.
Easy Integration
Get started in under a minute with our prepopulated code snippets. We also expose a REST api so you can log events from any programming language.
We expose a full featured SQL interface to run queries over your data. Want to join different tables together? Run complex aggregations? No problem. We've got you covered.
Use our dashboard builder to quickly build a de-facto place to go to see all analytics you care about. Create dashboards in under an hour using our drag and drop UI.
Use our collections feature to organize your data across teams. Collections are natively supported in our dashboard, alert and analysis tooling.
Your data is stored securely in data centers located in the United States. We understand the importance of keeping your data private and strive to keep it this way.
All data is available real time. No more waiting till the end of the day or week for rollups. Know if, when, how and why your data changes immediately.
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