Are GraphJSON responsive and mobile friendly?

Yes! All GraphJSON graphs are built to be mobile first. They are optimized to be loaded on mobile devices both in terms of performance and responsiveness.

How do I embed a GraphJSON graph in my website?

After logging your data, you can use our editor to create graphs to visualize your data. After that, you can simply embed the graph you made as an IFrame that we generate for you.

Can I use my own charting library and use GraphJSON as a time series database?

Yes! We expose a data API as an escape hatch so if you want more customization, you can do it easily!

Do I need to host my own GraphJSON clusters?

Nope. We take care of everything infrastructure related. Simply log your data to us and we'll take care of the rest.

Is GraphJSON secure?

Yes. Please take a look at our comprehensive security policy for more details.

Can I use this to create /open pages?

Yes! Take a look at this guide for how you can create /open pages similar to BannerBear and NomadList

Can I generate dynamic embeds based on what user is making the request?

Yes! This was the original inspiration behind GraphJSON. With the dynamic IFrame API, you can change filters on the fly, enabling you to create personalized user dashboards extremely quickly. Take a look at the following guide for an example on how to do this.

Can I use this to create admin dashboards?

Yes! This is our second most popular use case! GraphJSON makes it super easy to have observability into how your product/service is doing.

Can I use X programming language to log to GraphJSON?

Any programming langauage that can send http requests can be used to log to GraphJSON. Simply send a JSON POST http request to https://www.graphjson.com/api/log with a payload including your api_key, timestamp and the json payload you want to log.

Can I log to GraphJSON client side?

We recommend only logging to GraphJSON on the server side to prevent exposing your API key to the world. One pattern that we recommend is to proxy client logs through a server endpoint you control. This way you can get the best of both worlds - the flexibility of logging on the client side while maintaing the same security posture as server only logging.

How much data can I send to GraphJSON

We've load tested up to 1k QPS per account. If you're under that, feel free to send as much data as you want. If you're over that, please contact us to arrange for special capacity requests.

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